RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot - clothes rack

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot - clothes rack 

Make space for lots of your clothes with RackBuddy's Wild Bill Elliott. This clothes rack has a double clothes rail, just as our popular RackBuddy Capone. Wild Bill also offers you an extra rail for jackets and dresses - they do not have to hang on the floor any longer! Additionally, we have added a hook for your bags and scarfs.

Like all our clothes racks, the unique Wild Bill Elliot is made of iron water pipes which give him an industrial, straightforward look. The rack is freestanding and is very stable, functional and practical. Hence, it saves floor space under your clothes that you can use for your bags, boxes and shoes.

The Wild Bill Elliot is the perfect clothes rack for all of you, who have a lot of clothes but want to tidy up and save space in a stylish and elegant way!

Height: 210cm, Depth: 41cm


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