Storage space is essential in the kitchen. There’s no need to spend money on builders or save up for years to revamp your kitchen and optimise your kitchen storage, because there are multiple ways you can refresh the look of this room. Even the smallest details can change the mood of the room and make it feel like a new kitchen. RackBuddy has designed a wide range of kitchen storage solutions that you can use to refresh your kitchen decor. Each design supports your daily routines and gives your kitchen a unique and stylish look.


This page is full of inspiration and ideas for kitchen decor and storage. The ideas are endless, and our customers have so far been very creative in how they use our solutions in their kitchens––check out the many types of kitchen storage and kitchen decor further down the page.

Kitchen decor ideas

When it comes to finding smart kitchen storage and decor for your kitchen, think functionality, design and space. RackBuddy sells a wide range of great kitchen storage solutions to fulfil all your needs and turn your kitchen into both a practical and comfortable space to spend time in. See below for inspiration and kitchen decor ideas and find a solution that works for you. 

Kitchen decor with shelves

Store your cookbooks, herbs and spices on our beautiful shelves. The shelves are made from sustainable wood and metal and are available in our classic RackBuddy Original look or our Frame look. You can also use the shelves to store plates, glasses, bowls, etc. They are extremely sturdy and can withstand many kilos of weight, so no need to worry about them falling down all of a sudden.

Wall-mounted rack for smart kitchen storage

Use a wall-mounted rack for hanging your tea towels, cloths, potholders and aprons––here the RackBuddy Jolene or the Frame Jolene are the obvious choice. Or leave pots and pans hanging from a wall-mounted rack so you can easily reach them while cooking––a practical solution that will also give your kitchen a fresh, new look. 

Organising the kitchen with ceiling-mounted solutions

Discover our ceiling-mounted solutions, ideal for kitchen utensils such as pans, pots, spoons and chopping boards—and reclaim unused space. RackBuddy Joey is a good option, and is also a creative solution to hang your lights from. There’s no end to what you can do here! 

Design your very own kitchen storage with a bespoke solution

At RackBuddy, anything is possible! This also applies to kitchen storage and kitchen racks. As you can see from the photos on this page, our customers have had some great ideas on how to organise their kitchens and make most of their kitchen decor. They designed their own bespoke solution that perfectly matched both the kitchen’s decor and their kitchen storage needs. You can do the same! Book a free design meeting––and let’s talk about how we can make your creative ideas a reality.