Are you dreaming of a new and functional wardrobe? Then look no further. Whether you are planning on a big walk-in closet or just want to add some extra storage for your favorite items in your closet, we have many solutions that can help create a beautiful wardrobe that fits exactly to your home. The perfect wardrobe contains few important basic elements that will make your room appear both beautiful and functional. An organized and well-equipped wardrobe system is important if you have a lot of clothes, bags or shoes that all needs to be placed neatly. By choosing an open wardrobe you are opting for something that is both practical and functional as you get an easy overview and access to your clothes and you might tend to wear more items from your closet on a daily basis because you are reminded of them everyday.

With our walk-in collection you can design your own wardrobe by combining the components as needed. The collection consists of 32 combinations of tailormade waterpipes and wooden shelves that together form a completely unique design. Every combination can be used individually or combined in multiple ways to however fits your home, regardless of uneven measurements and crooked walls. If you are lacking floorspace you can go for a ceiling-mounted rail that leaves plenty of space underneath for shoes, dressers or whatever you need stored. You can also choose one of our classic clothes racks that leaves lots of storage space underneath each rack. You can use the space for storage boxes with socks, scarfs or of course shoes.

And remember: Hangers are possibly your wardrobes best friend, so invest in high quality so your clothes won’t be damaged.