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RackBuddy Bob Steele Silver

Wall-mounted clothes rack

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RackBuddy Bob Steele Silver combines Scandinavian design and practicality, as it's a wall-mounted clothes rack with room for clothes on two levels.

Bob Steele Silver is 210cm tall and takes advantage of high ceilings - very practical if you have limited space. As this clothes rack is installed on the wall, there's 30cm more space available on each side, which can be used for hanging hooks or attaching bags or scarves. With Bob Steele Silver, we developed a clothes rack for plasterboards, as plaster walls are not always suitable to hold heavy racks. With its support from additional feet, Bob Steele is therefore ideal for plasterboards.

With this wall-mounted clothing rack you get a well-designed wardrobe that gives you room for your shirts, blouses and more. At the same time, Bob Steele Silver does not take much floor space. This is really practical, as there's more room for shoes, bags or other storage on the floor under the rack. It's a perfect solution for your bedroom, the hallway or for sharing with your partner!

Depth: 30cm

Universal screws and plugs are included in the scope of delivery and come in the colour matching to your rack


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