RackBuddy Bob Steele - double clothes rack

RackBuddy Bob Steele 

Bob Steele is a very practical, stable clothes rack with space for clothes on two rails.

Just as our beloved RackBuddy Capone, Bob Steele has a height of 210cm. The difference lies in the two pipes that connect Bob Steele to the wall. Through them, you are gaining 30cm of rail space on each side that you can use for e.g. hooks for extra clothes, bags, accessories etc.. The feet of the clothes rack will be screwed onto the floor to make it extra stable. 

With this simple clothes rack made out of water pipes you are getting a stylish wardrobe solution. The rack takes little floor space, therefore you won't have a problem to store extra things like shoes, bags or boxes under it. Bob Steele is the perfect solution, if you don't have a lot of space or you have to share the space you have with a partner. 

Height 210cm | All measurements are external. Choose between different widths and find the model that suits you best!


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