Looking for inspiration on how to use RackBuddy products in your bedroom? See how you can save space by using a clothes rack instead of a bulky wardrobe and how other customers have chosen to style their RackBuddy solutions and decorated their bedrooms.

Why choose RackBuddy for your bedroom decor?

The bedroom is where you usually put your wardrobe and therefore the majority of your clothes. So it’s important to find a solution that is both space-saving and can accommodate the entire contents of your wardrobe––and that’s exactly what the innovative solutions from RackBuddy can do. Why not organise your bedroom with an open wardrobe so you can get a complete view of all your clothes? That way, you avoid overlooking or forgetting what you have.


Whether you opt for our wardrobe solution or clothes racks from our RackBuddy Original Collection or our Frame Collection, they all come in a lightweight design with plenty of space for storage either on shelves or underneath the racks, making your bedroom decor easier than ever!

Bedroom decor ideas

There are thousands of different ways to decorate your bedroom, but here are some great ideas from us to help you find the perfect solution for yours.

Consider the room’s size and layout

If your bedroom is particularly small or has sloping walls, then space-saving solutions are a good option––these are always a good idea, whatever the size of your bedroom. Space-saving solutions include an open wardrobe system or clothes racks with plenty of hanging space, allowing you to store all your clothes in one place. Or mix and match our solutions, so you get both a large clothes rack, such as the RackBuddy William or the Frame Georgia and a beautiful wooden chest of drawers with space for underwear, socks and other small items of clothing. 

Avoid large, bulky wardrobes in your bedroom decor

Rather than furnish your bedroom with bulky wardrobes, create more floor space by using clothes racks that only consist of a few legs, or perhaps choose wall-mounted solutions. You’ll free up more floor space, which you can either use for additional storage or simply to make the room feel more spacious and airy. If space is at a premium, make the most of our ceiling-mounted solutions. They can hold a huge amount of weight and take up no floor space at all.

Bedroom inspiration – decorate with plants, lights and pictures

There are also many other ways to get creative with your RackBuddy solutions in the bedroom. Our pins are perfect for hanging lamps next to the bed or as a unique plant hanger. Or style our beautiful shelves with pictures, vases and plants. Several of our shelves also have hanging space in the form of a hanger rail––such as the RackBuddy Cullen and Frame Marlow, giving you room to both hang your favourite clothes and style the shelf on top.

Organising your clothes when designing your bedroom

There’s much more to bedroom decor than arranging the larger pieces of furniture and solutions––you also need to think about smaller storage solutions for organising your clothes or accessories. For instance, use our stylish storage baskets and boxes for underwear and socks. Several of them fit perfectly both on our shelves and in our dressers and can be used as dividers between different items. 

More ideas for the bedroom

See below for inspiration and ideas for your bedroom decor. Check out how our customers have been creating beautiful and space-saving solutions that bring life and personality to the bedroom. If you’re interested in designing your own solution, book a free design meeting – and we’ll talk about how we can make your bedroom decor dreams come true. 

Take a look below for inspiration.