Your entryway is the first place you and your guests enter, therefore you want to create a functional space with a cozy atmosphere. Space optimization is the focal point in many households and especially the entryway is a space where practical solutions are essential. This room is most frequently small and can be one of the most difficult places to decorate. Therefore it’s about thinking out of the box, and coming up with a functional and space saving solution that makes sure the entryway doesn’t just serve as a walk-through room.

Jackets, scarfs and bags will quickly fill up the space, so it might be a good idea to consider ceiling-mounted solutions to create more floorspace and preferably a shelf for other types of storage. All our products are made in solid water pipes and wood, that will help you utilize the space and help keep your entryway decluttered while giving it a cool and modern look. This way you can create a beautiful space that lives up to it’s full potential.

Our shelves are a perfect solution for the hallway. Place storage boxes or baskets for scarfs and gloves on top, or use the extra space for decoration with plants, picture frames or whatever you feel like, to get that cozy and personal feeling into the room. Our Marlow shelf is equipped with a rail under the shelf, which means you have storage space on the top shelf and on the bottom rail for jackets and scarfs. The perfect solution for a smaller room consisting of fewer square meters. Our Joey for ceiling is another classic for the hallway where you want to save floorspace. The measures for the rails can easily be adapted as you wish, and can carry even the heaviest winter jackets in your wardrobe. See below how some of our customers have been creative with their RackBuddy solutions for the entryway.