Your hallway is the first place you and your guests enter, so it’s important that it’s optimally designed to provide plenty of space, and that it feels cosy and welcoming. This page is full of inspiration for your hallway decor and storage, allowing you to come up with smart solutions that work with your space. 

Why is hallway storage so important?

Space optimisation is key for many homes, and the hallway in particular is a space where practical, solid solutions are essential. It’s often a small space and can be one of the hardest places to organise. That’s why it’s important to think outside the box, get creative and be space-efficient. This needn’t be a boring place you pass through.    

Inspiration for your hallway decor

Are you about to decorate your new hallway? Or perhaps your current one just needs a new lease of life? Here we give you inspiration for your hallway decor and ideas on how to make it cosy and pleasant to be in, while still having room for shoes, coats and bags. Remember, you can easily combine multiple products to create your own hallway solutions.

Incorporate ceiling storage into your hallway decor

Jackets, scarves and bags can quickly become bulky clutter, so it’s a good idea to think about ceiling-mounted solutions to create more floor space. RackBuddy sells products in both the Original and Frame look, which consist of solutions that not only maximise the space but also help keep your hallway tidy. And our products give your hallway decor a timeless and stylish look, with a solution that lives up to its potential. Our Joey for the ceiling is a classic for the hallway where you want to save a bit of floor space. The pipe can be customised to your exact specifications and easily holds even the heaviest winter coats in your wardrobe. Or go for the Frame Joey if you prefer a more minimalist design. 

Use shelves for hallway storage

To make best use of hallway space, organise it with shelves for storage. For instance, use the shelf for storage boxes or baskets for scarves and gloves, or for displaying pictures and plants. This makes the hallway feel cosy, which helps make you or your guests feel welcome when you step in the door. Our Marlow shelf is equipped with a hanger bar underneath, ideal for storing items on the shelf at the top, and then hanging jackets and scarves on the pipe at the bottom––the perfect hallway solution for smaller spaces.  


Use wall-mounted shelves to store your shoes, bags or other accessories. This gets them up on the wall instead of taking up valuable floor space. 

Do you have a large hallway with plenty of space?

Maybe you’re thinking “well, I have plenty of space in my hallway––don’t you have a solution that can fit all my family’s clothes and shoes?” Yes, we do! We have a large selection of wardrobe solutions with enough space for all of your clothes in the hallway. Or check out our many great solutions from both the RackBuddy Original Collection and Frame Collection, which are full of products that are perfect for your hallway decor. The Original collection features the classic iron pipes in a bare, industrial style, while Frame comes in square metal and has a more minimalist, Scandinavian look. So there is something for everyone. And don’t forget our shoe racks, which have room for all the family’s (and guests’) shoes. 

Design your ideal hallway with a bespoke solution

Do you have your own specific hallway idea you just have to try out? Or do you just want a solution that you have designed yourself? Book a free design meeting and we’ll discuss how to design the ideal hallway with a bespoke solution. The sky’s the limit with Rackbuddy!

Check out how our customers got creative with RackBuddy solutions in their hallways.