RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot Silver Clothing Rack

RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot Silver - Clothing rack with two levels and a hook

With Wild Bill Elliot Silver, you can easily display a lot of clothes in the most stylish manner. This clothing rack has a unique design that distinguishes your bedroom from all others. Thanks to Wild Bill Elliot your long dresses can finally hang from a rack without touching the floor. At the same time, we've added a hook that you can use for hanging bags or jackets.

The clothing rack is practical, as it takes advantage of high ceilings, making sure you have room for shirts, blouses and dresses. Wild Bill Elliot Silver doesn't take much floor space, so there is room for plenty storage on the floor. It's a perfect solution for a room with limited space, to share for a couple or those who simply have many clothes.

Height: 210cm
Depth: 41cm

Note: The width is measured without the hook. The hook adds about 12cm.


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