RackBuddy x Mads Langer - wardrobe Make-over

When we first visited the Danish musician Mads Langer and his wife Julie Lillelund in their new home they initially wanted their wardrobe on the second floor. But then... they showed us the loft. A perfectly imperfect room with sloping walls and wooden beams in the middle of the space located under the roof of the house.

In other words, a room where no normal closet would ever fit and thereby a perfect opportunity for us to show that we can conquer even the most unideal room and turn it into a functional, beautiful wardrobe with lots of storage solutions for clothes and accessories. Together with Mads and Julie we decided to turn the loft into a unique walk-in and luckily the couple loves it as much as we do.

Curious to see how we did it? Watch the full make-over video here: