Small spaces with huge possibilities

Small spaces with huge possibilities

We have gathered our best tips for optimal interior design in your new home. A small home does not automatically result in fewer options when it comes to functionality and storage.

1: Forget square meters and think in cubic meters

When you need to arrange yourself in a small home the first rule is to forget about square meters and start thinking in cubic meters. Maybe you have high ceilings? Start adjusting the space. Don’t be afraid to hang things from the ceiling and placing your storage up on the walls. It all adds up to create a sense of air, more floor space and optimal utilization of your space.

2: Hack or play with customized furniture

Custom-made furniture can be a costly affair if you are not super handy yourself. But in reality, it does not have to be expensive or difficult. Sometimes it's just a matter of keeping an eye on the possibilities. A wide range of companies create customized storage solutions without financially ruining you. You could create a dining table simply by using table legs and a tabletop cut to your individual measurements. If you have found a nice little table that protrudes too far from the wall, then cut the table in half and mount it on the wall with the support of two table legs. Small tricks like these work and at the same time give lots of personality to your home.

3: Clean up and decorate with plenty of storage

It sounds like something your mother might say, but the truth is, it works. Piles of clothes, papers and mess, can make the room look small and unmanageable. This creates bad energy and steals the attention away from all the cool stuff in your home. The fight against mess and clutter requires good storage solutions - it’s time to start thinking creatively. And don’t forget rule number 1 – take advantage of the height of your room and utilize the entire space. Shelves all the way up under the ceiling create lots of atmosphere.

4: Buy multifunctional furniture

It's not about sleeping on the kitchen table or eating in bed. It is simply a matter of giving the furniture more features in the areas where it makes sense. Maybe your desk can be turned into a dining table, or your bed into a sofa. Choose a cool stool as  a bedside table. This way you can easily find an extra seat when the study group comes over for dinner. Think outside the box! The possibilities are endless once you start looking at furniture in a new way.

5: Create an illusion

The oldest trick in the book to make a room seem larger, is the use of mirrors. And there's a good reason for that because it simply works - even without you having to turn your new apartment into a dance studio. Use a focal point and angle your mirror towards it to give the illusion of depth. Another effective method is to place your mirror near a window to reflect the world outside in to your room.  

Light and wall paint has the same effect. Light opens up the room and makes it seem bigger. Avoid dark corners and paint your wall in bright colors. It provides an edge and highlights the rest of the interior.

In case you've been inspired and now need the right utensils for your apartment, find some ideas below:

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