Upgrade the kids' room with a clothes rack in a modern design by RackBuddy

Vier Kinder Kleiderständer von RackBuddy im Industrial DesignThey are back: Our clothes racks for kids

Finally, we celebrate the launch of our Kids Collection. Divided into four designs JUDY, MOLLY, KATHY, or BENNY. They are the little siblings of the big RackBuddies Clyde, Cassidy, Bonnie, and Wild Bill Elliot. These four models are among the best-selling models but are also suitable for a kids´ room and for the smallest buddies among us. The wardrobe solutions for the kids do not only make the room look more neat and tidy, but they are functional and aesthetic as well.

The pipes are untreated in terms of colour, so that the industrial look of the small models reflect a raw and minimalistic appearance. The models blend in perfectly with the rest of the room interior, they are elegant and not too overpowering. At the same time, they become a design that highlights every kids' room.

Through the colors and style of the kids' clothing, the racks unfold their individual personalities.

The Kids Collection knows no limits in terms of carrying capacity. The robust iron pipes can carry the weight of any wardrobe. With minimal use of floor space, the designs offer plenty of storage space and can easily hold a very large number of clothes.

All racks can be adjusted in size which means they can be expanded as the children grow. Therefore you will get a piece of furniture to cherish for many years to come. 

Our clothes hooks in a set of 5 pieces are wonderfully suited for the small models. These are available in many colours here

Take a look at the big siblings of the kids' models from the Original Collection and Silver Collection

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