As most of us are staying home this summer, all we can do is wish for amazing weather and embrace the fact that we now have the opportunity to do some creative and much needed projects around the house.

You can paint the kitchen, rearrange the furniture in your living room or why not do a wardrobe make-over?

Right now is the right time to reorganise your wardrobe and to tidy up. With RackBuddy you can add a feeling of open air to your house with a touch of Scandinavian design. A real eye-catcher in every home! 


The wardrobe is one of the storage solutions we use the most in our home, yet oftentimes it ends up being messy and we are missing the overview of what we actually have hanging in our closet. An organised space will save you time in the long run.  With some simple organising ideas, you can get your wardrobe under control once and for all.

1. Go for an open wardrobe solution

An open wardrobe takes up less floor and visual space, helping the room feel larger and provides an easier approach to manage all your clothes. You also get a better overview of what you have. Day by day you get reminded on the clothes you own and you will stop you from "over-shopping". With an open solution you are also able to style your belongings and bring your room to life. No matter which way you go it will be unique. Made just for you.

-Before you hang up all your clothes it is a must to sort out all of the items you are not wearing anymore ("if you haven't worn this a year, it is a sign to recycle this item to someone else who has more usage for it). This way you also contribute a little to sustainability.

-Sort your styles in colour groups or from light to dark.

-Leave enough space between the pieces.

-Fold accurately! Fold shirts and sweaters as equally large as possible and very neatly.

Open wardrobe solution by RackBuddy with hanging clothes and shelves. All sorted in groups of colours.

2. Install shelf-systems

There are many advantages of using shelf-systems to organize your closet. Shelves are very space efficient and a perfect fit for showing off your collection of bags, shoes, pants, hats or other accessories you want to display.

Shelves in dark pine being hold by a cloths rack made of black water pipes. Some simple and clean accessories and clothes are stored on it. 

3. Use quality hangers

Your clothes deserve some durable and sturdy hangers to give them support and maintain the lifespan of your clothes. As a positive side effect you won't have to deal with clothes that drop off a hanger anymore. The hangers you choose also add to the presentation of your wardrobe. You can choose the colour finish for your hangers to match the colours of your home or coordinate the colours with your wardrobe. Get some here!

Hanging cloths from a wall mounted rack out of water pipes in black. A shelf on top in dark pine. 

4. Add colourful organizers

By adding colourful baskets to your wardrobe you get a functional and modern storage solution with a colourful twist. The baskets are ideal for storing socks and underwear as well as accessories and make it easy to see the content and find exactly what you are looking for. A great use for your space. The colours of the baskets are a visual highlight to the clean, minimalistic look of the waterpipes used for the rack. Bring the summer into your room with these colourful foldable boxes! 


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