The Walk-In Collection

Create your very own walk-in closet with our customizable wardrobe solutions!

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The Walk-In Collection

Create your very own walk-in closet with our customizable wardrobe solutions!

At RackBuddy, we are big fans of a personalized wardrobe interior. Our clothes racks from the Walk-in Collection are more than just wooden shelves or water pipes: they are a complete wardrobe system, that functions as the optimal solution to store all of your clothes. 

We believe that your wardrobe should be functional and give you an overview over all of your clothes at the same time as it should reflect your personal style and fit in perfectly in your home. This is why we have created the Walk-In Collection. 

Why create yet another wardrobe solution? 

The Walk-in Collection is significantly more flexible than our other wardrobe solutions. Here, you can customize your own wardrobe system to a higher extent. You will get a wardrobe that can be used in all rooms, apartments or houses and that can satisfy all special requirements you have. It has never been easier to customize your wardrobe system to your own style.

A RackBuddy classic with a superpersonal twist

The Walk-In is a very flexible clothes rack collection consisting of 32 customizable designs that can be used individually or in combination with each other in order to furnish the dedicated space in your home. Just as our classic RackBuddy clothes racks (the Original & the Silver Collection), all designs from this collection are made from industrial iron and are available in either black or silver. Several modules also contain wooden shelves available in dark stained pine, light pine or oak wood. The wooden shelves are adding a warmer touch to the raw, industrial look.

A walk-in closet for you and your needs

From iron pipes to clothes rack, from clothes rack to walk-in wardrobe. We make it easy to create your most personal wardrobe system to date. The models of The Walk-In Collection are available with up to three different rows that can be customized to fit your needs. Some models are consisting exclusively of rails to hang your clothes, while others contain shelves for those things of your wardrobe that need to be stored in boxes, folded or are just for decoration.

What if your needs are changing?

Don’t worry, our customizable wardrobe models are flexible and can be adapted once you find out you would like to use the space differently. You can e.g. add more shelves, just as you can move around the shelves you've had to begin with. That means when the seasons change and you change out your clothes, you could also change the setup of your open closet.

Isn’t it just some iron pipes, shelves, wood and some hangers? 

Yes, that is correct. Nobody said it has to be complicated. In theory, you can build your own wardrobe or clothes rack - we have just made it easier and cheaper than most do-it-yourself solutions. If we’re honest, we also believe that our wardrobes also look nicer than some homemade solutions, as the materials have been treated and made for the sole purpose of being a clothes racks. So you not only avoid the excess material, you also avoid the trouble of measuring, cutting and adjusting. It is therefore already worth to choose one of our solutions in order to save the extensive amount of time. You can see many wardrobe suggestions on our website.