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Decorating the office

This page is packed with office decor ideas. RackBuddy offers plenty of smart storage solutions that are both beautiful and practical in one. Many of them make ideal for decorating an office, as they allow you to store clothes, bags, books, folders and more, while also saving you plenty of space. RackBuddy’s vision is to design storage solutions that add space.

Inspiration for office decor

There are plenty of ways to make your office space work. A space that feels cosy, pleasant and inviting is essential when creating a good office environment, and this is where office decor plays a key role. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your office space.

Use wall-mounted or free-standing clothes racks

If your office is on the small side, it’s best to keep as much floor space clear and clutter-free as possible. This is where a wall- or ceiling-mounted rack makes an ideal solution. Here Frame Joey for the ceiling or RackBuddy Wyatt for the wall work well and get clutter off the floor. 

If you have a slightly larger office with more space, a free-standing rack could be a smart solution. You get plenty of hanging space for both clothes and bags, and the clothes rack can even be moved around if you want it to be placed elsewhere in the office. 

Use shelving in your office decor

Do you have lots of books, binders or other things that you need to store in your office? A great looking shelving system gives you space to store practical items as well as decorate with flowers, plants, pictures or other things that add to a pleasant office environment. 

Organising your personal office

Maybe you each have your own personal office space that needs organising? This is when a wooden shelf is the ideal solution for displaying personal belongings, a plant or a small lamp. Several of our shelves also have hanging space in the form of a hanging rail under the shelf, such as the Frame Marlow or the RackBuddy Little Marlow, providing space for you to hang your coat.

Remember smaller storage for your desk decor

We tend to have all sorts of things lying on our desks; large stacks of papers, notebooks, pens, etc. If you want to organise your desk better, we definitely recommend checking out our wire baskets and storage boxes. These are great for keeping items organised and come in several different sizes ideal for your desk decor. They also go perfectly with both our shelves and bookcases.

Want us to help you decorate your office?

RackBuddy has helped many happy customers over the years to organise their office. Many people tend to think solely in terms of design and forget about the storage. But RackBuddy has combined both of these in one, making our solutions timeless, long-lasting designs that also provide practical storage in your office. The result is more space in your office and an airy, clutter-free room.

The sustainable choice

At RackBuddy, we believe that sustainable solutions in quality materials are the way forward, rather than poor quality products that need to be replaced every few years. This also means that all our solutions are made in a timeless design that can be used for many years to come, while the quality of the materials is extremely high. For example, all our iron comes from 100% recycled iron, while all the wood we use in our products is sustainably harvested from European-certified forests. It’s your guarantee of sustainable office decor. 

We also provide bespoke solutions for your office decor

Does your office require special solutions in terms of specific colours, dimensions or maybe just a specific office design? Perhaps you have an office with sloping walls where you need to think creatively, or maybe you need advice on how to organise your open-plan office? At RackBuddy, anything is possible, which is why we also provide bespoke solutions for your office decor, should you have any special requests. 

Book a free design meeting – and we’ll discuss how we can help you organise your office. We’ll take care of everything from measuring your office, 3D drawings of your storage solutions and office layout, to delivery of your products and installation. We look forward to helping you decorate your office and giving you a pleasant and welcoming environment to work in.