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Our range of wired baskets in metal has been carefully selected to perfectly match our clothing racks in black water pipes or in light oak wood. You can always choose different sizes of baskets for your individual space. The baskets are ideal for your shelves, your clothing rack or your drawers. 

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Wire baskets for socks and underwear storage

Boxes and baskets for storage in the bedroom, nursery, kitchen, hallway or living room are a must in most homes. Store socks and underwear in a wire basket or put gloves and hats in a folding basket in the hallway and keep your stuff organised. A wire basket also works really well in the bathroom for all your toiletries. The sky’s the limit, and there’s no room where a wire basket or large storage basket wouldn’t be a brilliant storage solution. The low models of our beautiful wire baskets also fit perfectly in our chests of drawers

Storage baskets and wire baskets for an organised wardrobe

Our range of wire baskets and wicker storage baskets have been carefully selected to work with our products. This means that they fit both our clothes racks and shelves. You can easily find a whole basket set or choose between a small or large storage basket. We have wire baskets in both black and gold, while folding baskets come in a variety of colours so you can find a storage basket that matches the rest of your wardrobe. You can also use the different colours to organise your things, perhaps the melon-coloured basket could be for underwear storage, while the salmon-coloured one is for socks? Or maybe the different colours symbolise storing different toys in the children's room?

Our storage baskets come in different sizes and will look great wherever they are used. For example, use a wire basket with handles to store toys in the kids’ room, which they can also play with, or find a basket for the bookcase to hold accessories or other small objects. All folding baskets are made from sustainable and 100% recyclable material and are food-safe, so you can use them as baskets to store spices or other kitchen essentials in the kitchen.

As with all RackBuddy solutions, the possibilities are endless!

Stackable storage baskets

With our storage baskets, both folding and wire baskets, you get an attractive solution that gives you plenty of wonderful storage space. Multiple baskets can be stacked on top of each other, so you can easily keep track of your accessories or your socks and underwear. Mix and match the different colours to match the rest of your home and your wardrobe, shelf or bookcase.