Having the right decor in your shop is essential as it creates a certain mood and supports the look you want to present to your customers. This page is packed with inspiration on how to use our solutions as fittings for your shop or business. See how we have helped our other customers over time––perhaps you’ll pick up some ideas on which types of fittings you choose for your shop or business.

Need clothes racks for your shop? Find inspiration here

No matter what type of business you have, RackBuddy can help you with shop fittings that are both practical and bring edge and style to the space. We have plenty of experience in furniture for shops, restaurants, bars, showrooms and office environments across the country, and we can certainly help you too. Read on for inspiration for different solutions for your shop or business.

Fittings for clothes shops and other businesses

Are you the proud owner of a clothes shop or are you just about to open your first clothes shop? We’d love to provide your shop with attractive interior solutions with plenty of storage space for clothes, so you can present your goods and products in the best possible way. There’s plenty of inspiration to be found here, because at RackBuddy you’ll find storage solutions that add space, not take it away. 

Use movable solutions

If you have a clothes shop, it’s a really smart idea to furnish it with freestanding clothes racks or clothes racks on wheels. Then, you can easily move your clothes racks around the store when you need to reorganise or make different use of your space. Many of the clothes racks come with shelves, ideal for showcasing special accessories. 

Clothes racks for your shop that frame your clothes

Our Frame Collection includes clothes racks for your shop that frame your clothes and can be used, for example, to display new products or special offers. Take a look at Frame Jackson or Frame Little Georgia. With their minimalist, Nordic look, these are ideal for displaying specific items simply and elegantly.

Ceiling or wall solutions save floor space

If you’re looking for furniture for your clothes shop that doesn’t take up too much floor space, our wall and ceiling-mounted racks are the perfect match for you. Check out our Frame Joey or RackBuddy Joey clothes racks, which hang from the ceiling. The water pipes in RackBuddy Joey give the shop an industrial look, while Frame Joey has a minimalist and square look, if you prefer a more Nordic style. 

If you prefer wall-mounted solutions, then Frame Jolene or the RackBuddy Cullen could be the clothes racks for you. Here you can hang your clothes on a rack on the wall––and with RackBuddy Cullen you also get shelf space on top of the rack, which you can either decorate with other goods or products or maybe just with a nice plant, a lamp or something else?

Looking for a bespoke solution?

RackBuddy makes bespoke solutions to fit your exact needs. Whether it’s shelving systems, shelving or clothes racks for your shop or business, together we can come up with a solution that works for you and your business. We can take on the task from start to finish, including measuring, 3D drawings, delivery and installation of your new fittings for your clothes shop or business. We can also customise your solutions according to colours, dimensions, etc. 

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