This page is packed with inspiration for decorating a restaurant or café to create a cosy setting with a cool, industrial feel. We’ve put together some inspiration and images from some of the cafés and restaurants we’ve helped design, to give you an idea of what our solutions look like. 

Inspiration for your restaurant decor

Are you looking to give your restaurant a face lift that will leave your guests with a unique and memorable experience? Then the edgy and industrial New York look from our Original Collection or the Nordic and minimalist look from our Frame Collection might be the solution for you. RackBuddy would love to help you with your restaurant decor so you can welcome your guests into a stylish and inviting setting. Check out some of our solutions to help you decide which ones could work for your restaurant setting.

Racks for guests’ coats

Restaurant guests will always appreciate being able to leave their coats somewhere, so it’s worth having a clothes rack or two for guests to use when they arrive. We offer several solutions for your restaurant decor, including freestanding clothes racks and wall-mounted clothes racks etc., so it’s simply a case of finding the one that is most practical for your guests and which doesn’t take up too much space in your café or restaurant.

Showcase some pretty crockery, delicacies or other items when decorating your restaurant or café

Thanks to RackBuddy’s attractive shelving systems or beautiful wooden shelves you can easily create an entire wall full of glassware, crockery or other practical items that not only enhance your restaurant’s decor, but also give you easy access to all your things. Or use shelves to decorate your café or restaurant with nice plants, pictures or delicacies––it helps create a cosy setting.

Don’t forget the lighting in your restaurant decor

In any café or restaurant, good lighting that is soft, cosy and comfortable is essential. For example, style your ceiling lights with our ceiling-mounted rails and let the lamps hang down to create different lengths. The racks bring an industrial element to your restaurant decor.

Need a bespoke solution?

With RackBuddy, anything is possible and that also applies to your restaurant or café decor. If you have a particular idea of how you want to decorate the space and you have an image in mind that includes our products, you have the option of designing your own bespoke solution. We can draw the solution in 3D and are able to handle everything from measuring and 3D drawings to delivery and installation. We can even customise your decor by colour, dimensions, etc. Book a free design meeting today – and let’s talk about your dream restaurant decor.

Designing your restaurant with RackBuddy

RackBuddy offers everything you need for the perfect restaurant decor, combining all your practical needs with your creative vision for the look and feel you want to achieve. We design and manufacture wardrobe and storage solutions using water pipes, metal and wood, and we offer a wide range of ready-made and bespoke solutions that will suit your exact needs.

Do contact us for a no-obligation chat about your restaurant decor at or on tel. +45 33 22 02 40.