Rackbuddy Logan - Clothing rail between two walls

With our RackBuddy Logan, you can finally order a clothing rail made of black waterpipes between two walls! We cut the pipe according to your exact measures and customize it completely to your wishes. 

RackBuddy Logan is perfect for your hallway or your walk-in closet that needs to be filled with a clothing rail. The clothing rail made of black waterpipe can even be used as a curtain rail and is the perfect highlight for an apartment in industrial design!

Our Logan clothing rail is custom made and can be ordered in 4 price ranges:


How do I order?

If you need a clothing rail that fits between two walls, it is extremely important that your measures are exact. We thus suggest that you use a laser to measure the distance between the walls. A folding yardstick is also fine.

As soon as you know the distance between the walls, you can choose out of the four price ranges. Before completing your purchase, it is very important that you put the measures as a note/comment that you can find in your basket. 

We then cut the pipe according to your wishes.

Please make sure that the measures are exact, as we do not offer free returns.

We advise you not to use the clothing rail made of black waterpipes in moist rooms, as it will rust when it gets in contact with water.

The waterpipe in industrial design is 28mm thick.


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