You may not realise this, but many of our solutions can also be used outside and in your outdoor decor. If you have a nice big garden or perhaps a holiday home with a large plot, organising the outdoor area to look cosy and inviting makes a big difference, and means you and your family can sit back and enjoy the long summer evenings in the open air in a pleasant setting. 

Top tips for outdoor decor

When organising your outdoor decor, we have several tips on how to get the best out of your RackBuddy solutions. Here are some ideas and inspiration for your outdoor decor.

Use clothes racks to hang potted plants

If you’re lucky enough to have a terrace, hang your potted plants so that they don’t take up too much floor space. A clothes rack is ideal for hanging your potted plants––it brings them to eye level and you can use the rack to screen off some of the terrace too. 

Organise the barbecue area to easily access your equipment

If you have an outdoor barbecue, use one of our wall- or ceiling-mounted solutions for hanging your barbecue equipment and utensils, and enjoy the ease of having them at your fingertips when you’re cooking on a summer’s evening.

Avoid having a big shed – make the most of your outdoor space

If you have a smaller garden, or if you just want to make the best use of the space in your garden, use our pins to organise your garden tools. Instead of a large shed taking up a lot of space––either on the patio or on the lawn––opt instead to keep essential tools handy up against the wall. Take a look at the images on this page for more inspiration.

Terrace decor with RackBuddy

We’ve been inspired by the Danish summer, and everything that comes with it.

The sky’s the limit. Use RackBuddy in every room of your home; the kitchen, the living room, the kids’ room and your walk-in––our solutions can even follow you out to the terrace when you relax in the summer heat.

We’ve brought a lot of our solutions outside and styled them with a real summer vibe––check out our take on cosy terrace decor. Sit back and think of Danish strawberries, summer heat and long, light summer nights. 

Check out our many suggestions below for a cosy and inviting outdoor deco, where industrial water pipes give the terrace decor a little extra edge.