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RackBuddy Capone

Free-standing clothes rack with two levels

SKU: RB-08-0007-01

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The Capone, also called "The Double" is a clothes rack for any fashionista. The free-standing clothes rack has 2 rows. You will therefore have room for more clothes than on our standard clothes racks - and another reason to shop!

RackBuddy Capone is the perfect solution for a couple that needs two rails or for those who have a lot of clothes. The clothes rack is practical and space saving and requires almost no floor space. You can store bags, shoes or boxes under the rack. With a clothes rack with two rows, you create a better overview of the clothes in your wardrobe. It's also easier to divide it up into shirts, dresses, t-shirts and other things.


Width: choose between three options | Height: 215cm | Depth: 40cm


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