RackBuddy Capone - double clothes rack

RackBuddy Capone - double clothes rack with 2 rows

The Capone, also called "The double" is the clothes rack for the happy shopper. The clothes rack has 2 rows and you will therefore have room for more clothes than the standard racks.

RackBuddy Capone is the perfect solution for a couple that needs a hangers each rack or for the person who has a lot of clothes. The clothes rack is practical and space saving and requires almost no floor space. You can therefore have bags, shoes, boxes or the like lying under the rack. With a clothes rack with 2 rows, you create a better overview of the clothes in your wardrobe, it is easier to divide it up into shirts, dresses, t-shirts and other things.

Height 210cm | Depth 40cm | All measurements are external. Choose between several widths and find the RackBuddy that suits you best!


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