Boohoo´s new showroom and its colorful universe

Welcome inside the colourful universe that is Boohoos new showroom in Paris. 

The style is a mix between the feminine and industrial with a soft touch of velour which gives the showroom a modern look. 

Boohoos showroom is large with many fun and quirky details expressing the modern clothing brands designs. They mix and play with color and materials which gives a playful look that invites you inside their universe. Come on inside and see the new showroom. 


Collection area 

RackBuddy Boohoo showroom- showroom interior industrial clothes racks

The clothing gets all the attention with the industrial details in contrast to the modern and colorful clothes. The noticeable industrial details is the long wooden table and clothes racks with water pipes from RackBuddy.


Lounge area

RackBuddy Boohoo lounge area for clients and influencers- cosy and colorful

The lounge are is full of pastel colored furniture in velour and metal and is complemented beautifully with brass details. The lounge area invites inside a cosy atmosphere for the visitors. 


Conference room

RackBuddy Boohoo showroom- conference room

The conference room is beautifully streamlined with the lounge area where the same color palette is used for a coherent look in the showrooms interior. The plants create a lively atmosphere and compliments the furniture. The conference rooms colors is build up around the flower patterned poster with Boohoos logo on it. The yellow chairs creates a synergi in the room.


Colourful details

Bohoo RackBuddy showroom colorful details

The showroom is full of quirky and colourful details creating a fairytale like and feminine universe. The details are a mix of modern and vintage interior. The plants bring life to the clothing and creates a tropical feeling in the room. 



RackBuddy Bohoo showroom- beautiful office with clean details

The showrooms office is kept light and open, creating a clean working environment. The pictures on the walls gives personality to the room. 


Project information

Architecture & retail project for Boohoo, the well known clothes and accessories english brand. The brief was to create an "instagrammable" showroom for wholesale clients and influencers. They wanted to have a friendly, colorful and cosy ambiance in order to share their identity & values through their environment. It's the first parisian's showroom created for the brand so we were so glad to be the one chosen for it. Meredith was the architect and project manager for them and the final renders was at their image. 


Why did Boohoo choose to work with RackBuddy?

Meredith discovered the brand through Boohoo head office and felt in love with the concept and the product's design. She found that the Industriel side of the showroom matched perfectly with RackBuddy's style. Contrasts between the clothes material: confrontation between fabrics and raw materials. She loved it !


Facts about the new showroom

Place: 2 arrondissement, rue bachaumont, Paris

Design firm: myHomedesign 

Project manager: Meredith 

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