CIFF FW17/18: Interior solutions for the fashion industry

RackBuddy and OneFunkyFurniture x Copenhagen International Fashion Fair 

Last week, we presented our products for the first time at the fashion fair CIFF in Bella Center, Copenhagen. We built up our stand in between all known and upcoming fashion brands in collaboration with our friends from OneFunkyFurniture. 

Even though we are not selling any clothes or shoes, we felt like CIFF was exactly the right place for us to be. Nowadays, it is all about the in-store experience when trying to get consumers to purchase one's products and remember one's brand. Our clothes racks, displays or complete interior solutions help creating a stimulating atmosphere and a great shopping experience. 

RackBuddy Messestand CIFF

We have handled the complete setup ourselves - from mounting the black walls, clothes racks and copper lamps to the buildup of the cash desk which became a real eye-catcher because of the KABE filler in the color Royal Velvet. The result was a stand in a raw, industrial look with a cozy, welcoming atmosphere - exactly the way we love it!

We brought our three popular Ringo, Bonnie and Clyde clothes racks to the fair, as well as a custom-made clothes rack with integrated light bulbs. This special rack was supposed to show the fair visitors that we can also build clothes racks customised to their needs and wishes - the only limit is imagination!  

All fashion stores need a changing room. For this reason, our stand at CIFF was also featuring a dressing room made out of our iconic water pipes, perfectly matching with our clothes racks.  

Another important element of store interior is the checkout area. We have already gained a lot of experience in the design and building of cash desks, as for example at our project with Miss Corner in Frederiksberg. For the fair, we have chosen a OneFunkyFurniture table top made out of upcycled wood that has been placed on a self-built commode. For an industrial concrete finish, we have used KABE filler on the cash desk.  

Light and space play a big role in store design. Still it often makes sense to separate the store in different areas, which often makes it look smaller and less inviting. In order to keep the feeling of space, one of our beautiful glass walls could be just the solution! At the CIFF fair, we therefore brought a small exhibition model of our industrial glass walls. We can however customise these kind of walls for any space and room. 

RackBuddy is specialised in finding creative interior solutions that perfectly match your needs and wishes. We are excited about Industrial Design and solid craftsmanship. A clothes rack from RackBuddy is not just functional, but a real piece of furniture that shaped the identity of a room and helps you to present your clothes in the best possible way! 

You can find a choice of our interior projects here. 

We were on the fair together with Kasper from OneFunkyFurniture who we have been working closely on interior projects with for a while now. OneFunkyFurniture's designs fit perfectly with the raw, unpolished look that we love!

RackBuddy says thank you to everyone that has visited us during the three exciting days at CIFF. We hope to see you again soon!

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