Design By Sella

When Elegance Meets Functionality: A Business Case from Design by Sella

In the world of interior architecture, there is a name that stands out for its ability to create timeless and functional spaces - Design by Sella. Over the years, they have delivered exceptional design solutions, and we are excited to share the solutions they have created with the assistance of RackBuddy's products!


About Sella Interiors

Design by Sella is a full-service interior design firm based in Cleveland, with a focus on interior architecture, custom furniture, and project management. They work closely with architects, builders, furniture makers, and craftsmen to create timeless, functional, and curated interiors. With a deep understanding of the construction process, they ensure the execution of every detail, meeting economic goals, and specific needs of their clients.

RackBuddy x Design by Sella

Design by Sella and RackBuddy share many of the same characteristics and values. Both companies are passionate about innovation and creating timeless designs and services that cater to diverse needs within the interior design world. Sella Interiors, for example, has incorporated several of RackBuddy's products in an innovative way into their design projects. This includes the use of ceiling-mounted clothing racks in water pipes, mounting 2x Jolene on the wall for storing floor plans, implementing a rack system with shelves, using clothing hooks for wall hanging to display color samples, and integrating a walk-in system with cabinet shelves that add a raw and industrial aesthetic to their decor. In this way, Design by Sella has utilized RackBuddy's products in a creative and customized manner to meet their specific needs.

Take the Next Step Towards Unique Interior Design

Be inspired by Design by Sella and their successful use of RackBuddy's products. Whether you are considering renovating your home, your business, or a public space, this collaboration is living proof of how smart design decisions can transform your surroundings.

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