Emsig Store

The two founders of RackBuddy, Lasse and Martin were both born and raised in Esbjerg and even though they both live in Copenhagen now, their hometown still means a lot to them. Therefore it has long been their hope to be represented in a store in the centre of Esbjerg. The team behind RackBuddy was therefore extra happy when Pernille Schmidt Harbo contacted them and said that she wanted to open the store Emsig at Kirkegade 12, which is located in a side street to Kongensgade, the main pedestrian shopping street.

Pernille has designed a super cool shop where RackBuddy’s clothes racks and shelves make up a large part of the interior. Her clothes fit perfectly with RackBuddy’s raw clothes racks and she has really succeeded in getting both a raw and cosy clothing store. The shop has got off to a great start and if you make it to that part of the country, then stop on by and let yourself be inspired by the cool fashions and bold store design.

See pictures from the store