Walk-in closet - STAY Copenhagen

Walk-in closet at STAY Copenhagen 

In Copenhagen's Islands Brygge quarter, you can find HAY's design apartment-hotel STAY. We have visited a customer there who was wishing for a unique, functional walk-in closet solution. With our smart systems we had no trouble to fulfill this wish. In collaboration with our customer, we have created a walk-in closet with different options to store and hang clothes, shoes and accessories.  

On the longer walls to the sides, we have installed some customised clothes rails - mounted to the walls and the ceiling - in order to use the height of the room in the best way possible. At the end of the small room, we have installed our John shelves on which our customer can store boxes, bags and shoes. Additionally, we have also included our Jolene rails in the setup, where ties and scarves now find their spot.  

In order to give the room an exciting, unique look, we have designed an asymmetrical interior solution. To round it all up, lightbulbs have been attached to one of our RackBuddy Joeys at the ceiling.  


Walk-in closet solution in STAY Copenhagen - industrial design by RackBuddyshoe shelf in an industrial design - walk-in closet

industrial walk-in closet with shelves and rails by RackBuddysmall walk-in closet with many possibilitiesfunctional walk-in closet - wardrobe solutions by Rackbuddy