Hangin' with Soeren Le Schmidt

Hangin' with Soeren Le Schmidt 

Our biggest inspiration are our customers. Oftentimes, we discover new, creative ways to use our clothes racks. Every person adds a different personality to our models.

We have customers from all age groups and professions, that all have different stories to tell. We therefore decided to introduce some of our customer’s stories to you and create a series of short movies that give you an insight on different interesting personalities that use our products in their daily lives.

So let us introduce Soeren Le Schmidt.

Copenhagen based fashion designer Soeren le Schmidt

“When your hobby ends up paying your rent, then you know you are on the right track.”

Soeren Le Schmidt is a Danish designer and tailor based in Copenhagen known for his distinguished style and skillful tailoring.

Soeren grew up in a small village in Jutland. He first discovered his passion for tailoring in his grandmas studio. He made his first own blazer jacket when he was only 6 years old. After high school, he decided to make his passion his job and he moved to Copenhagen to start working in the fashion industry. Soeren describes his style as graphic and minimalistic, but the most important thing is that his designs are very personal.

Soeren le Schmidt

As a lot of clients are visiting him early in the morning and late in the evening, so his home really needs to be a place where he feels comfortable but can also be creative. His home and his showroom are in the same apartment in central Copenhagen. He chose RackBuddies for the showroom as well as for his walk-in closet.

Soeren le Schmidt's home in central Copenhagen

Minimalistic and edgy

Soeren le Schmidts showroom in central Copenhagen

For his showroom, Soeren decided to use RackBuddy Joeys mounted to the ceiling. This RackBuddy design creates an airy feeling and is really placing the focus on Soeren’s designs. The industrial iron pipes also create a nice contrast to the classic Copenhagen apartment with stucco on the ceiling and old wooden plank floors.

RackBuddy Joey for the ceiling in Soeren le Schmidts showroom

Making the most out of a small space

Soeren le Schmidts walk-in closet with custom-made RackBuddy wardrobe solutions

Soeren’s private wardrobe contains a lot of clothes and shoes. In the walk-in closet, we therefore needed to make the most out of the available space without making it seem overcrowded. We customised a clothes rack in the same iron water pipes from our Original Collection as we used in the showroom. On the long side of the room, Soeren has space for shorter clothing items on two rows of rails, whereas we chose to install a single rail on the back side of the room that gives him space for coats and other longer items. Utilizing the height of the room, we installed two rows of shelves on three sides, that Soeren is using to store shoes and jeans.

RackBuddy walk-in closet at Soeren le Schmidts home in central Copenhagen

Watch our Hangin’ With video to get an impression of Soeren le Schmidt!