IN HER SHOES: Trine Bang

We are taking you along with us into Trine Bang’s amazing shoe collection. Trine is a 34-year-old shoe lover, who works as an influencer agent and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. This little get together is the perfect opportunity to discover her favorite pairs and to get into the mind of a true shoeaholic.

Trine Bang - RackBuddy shoe collection


Trine’s love for shoes started when she was very young. At the age of 5, Trine was on holiday in the Greek island Kos, with her mum, her best friend, and her daughter. One day, they were strolling around the island and found a very cute pair of gladiator leather sandals in one of the local shops. Trine fell in love instantly, there was only one tiny problem – they didn’t have her size. All the girls ended up getting a matching pair except little Trine, who did not stop crying until the next day. When talking about it, she still wonders why she didn’t buy a size higher which she would have been able to wear the summer after. 


“I love how Swedes always dress up even on weekdays, it’s something I would like to see more in Denmark”


As a true Dane, flats are essential in her wardrobe. The key when buying shoes is to find a pair that is both practical and stylish – the essence of Scandinavian fashion. Her first pair of designer shoes were some colorful Chanel sneakers that she managed to buy after saving up for a long time. She admits to changing shoes 3 to 4 times a day depending on her schedule but a pair of sneakers is always a good choice to run around the city in between meetings.


Trine Bang - RackBuddy shoe collection mirror

Right now, Trine is loving her versatile Chloé boots which she’s been wearing constantly, to work, to the restaurant, and even to festivals. Trine’s go-to brands are Gianvito Rossi for heels, Chanel for shoes and New Balance for sneakers.


Favorite Chloe boots of Trine bang - Rackbuddy shoe collection

For the readers who are not familiar with Danish style, you have to keep in mind that being comfortable is very important when it comes to shoes. Whether you are getting ready for work, for a night out, or a wedding, the sneakers will always pop up in Danes’ minds, and Trine is no exception. Tip: If you are wondering how you are going to survive the entire night in your 12cm Louboutin, do like Trine, bring a pair with and switch shoes once the clock strikes midnight.

The pandemic also had an impact on Trine’s wardrobe - like the rest of the world, she found herself reaching out for more comfortable outfits. The chunky leather boots from Ganni were one of her most worn pair this year, and her next purchase will probably be the Chanel Dad sandals that we’ve seen everywhere these past two seasons. Both pairs are a good representation of Danish style, they will help balance a girly outfit and add an extra edge to an outfit. Fun fact: Trine might be the only Danish who has never owned a pair of Birkenstock, she always sticks to her Havaianas.


“Shoes don’t have to be expensive, but I tend to feel most attracted to designer shoes because of the quality and attention to details”


With Carrie Bradshaw as a shoe icon, it is no surprise that high heels are also a big part of Trine’s shoe collection. The craziest pair that she’s ever bought was a pair of pink suede high heels from Jeffrey Campbell. The bow was so big and the material so sensitive to Nordic weather that she NEVER wore them. But don’t be fooled, despite her 100 pairs of shoes, Trine is a firm believer in pre-loved fashion and does not hesitate to sell the shoes that she doesn’t wear.


Even though Trine was born in Denmark, she is also influenced by the shoe culture in other countries where women tend to wear heels more easily. She admires in particular the way Swedes dress up no matter if it’s a weekday or weekend. It is something that she would like to see more in Denmark, where people tend to dress down. Whenever she is invited, she tries to make an effort and get her favorite pair of stilettos out.


Trine Bang shoe collection - Rackbuddy shoe collection

When talking about shoe memory, Trine had to mention her teenage years. Being a teenager in the ’90s, she was hugely influenced by the Spice Girls and collected 10 pairs of Buffalo, all in a different color. Trine also confesses that it was a great way to look a bit taller, great fashion tip for all the short girls! A few years later, she adopted a more subtle shoe trend which was very popular among the young Danish, and bought a pair (or 6) of Kawasaki. As a true shoe lover, she adopted different shoe trends - some easier to pull off than others - but she doesn’t regret any of it and loves to look at old pictures.

Instagram and Pinterest are where Trine finds most of her shoe inspiration. Danish influencers are her favorite but she also would love to swap her shoe collection with Sandra Hagelstam, founder of 5 inch and up (no offense Carrie).

Trine Bang wardrobe shoe collection- RackBuddy shoe collection

If you had to remember one tip from Trine it would be to always go for a classic style when it comes to designer shoes. If you are looking for a playful pair for a night out, shops like Zara never disappoint.


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