Custom kitchen solution with ceiling-mounted cabinets

RackBuddy has created a stylish and functional kitchen storage solution for a private customer with ceiling-mounted iron cabinets.

Lofthængte jernkabinetter til opbevaring i køkken

The area around the kitchen island is a central part of the modern kitchen. The island serves as both a workspace, bar, and conversation area, inviting social interaction during daily activities.

The open ceiling-mounted cabinets contribute to creating light and space around the area while providing a modern and industrial look.


Lofthængte kabinetter til køkkenopbevaring

The solution has been created with a focus on modern aesthetics and functionality, produced from durable materials of high quality with a long lifespan. The kitchen has acquired a minimalist, streamlined style with clean lines, and the dark iron creates a timeless and raw appearance.

Jernkabinetter til ophæng i loft

By using the ceiling-mounted cabinets, one can save significant space while still having plenty of storage options for cookbooks, herbs, bottles, plates, glasses, or whatever else one might desire. The cabinets also come with hooks that can be used, for example, with our hooks for dishcloths, pots, pans, etc.

Åbne lofthængte jernkabinetter til opbevaring

If your kitchen needs an upgrade, do you have questions or need inspiration? Contact our skilled team who are ready to help you with your very own custom solution.