Inside Sabinas wardrobe

We are happy to invite you inside the enviable wardrobe of the parisienne Sabina Socol. The French influencer recently moved into a new home and reached out to RackBuddy to design a cool storage solution for her bedroom. If we had to describe Sabina's style we'd be tempted to say that it is the perfect mix between vintage items and modern pieces of furniture. Sabina always follows her intuition when it comes to decorating her apartment or working on her clothing brand, Pujka.

Creating a unique dressing room, practical enough to accommodate her impressive clothes collection – and handbags - was very important for Sabina. RackBuddy’s mission was to design a custom storage solution that would fit Sabina’s personality and style. The room turned out pretty nice, don’t you think?

To build her dream walk-in closet, Sabina chose a storage solution with a built-in dresser. The combination of light pine and silver pipes works really well with her herringbone floor and the soft color on her walls. The RackBuddy brings an industrial touch and creates a nice contrast in this lovely Parisian apartment.

« I love being able to create the perfect solution for me and my needs»

RackBuddy’s mission was to optimize and stretch Sabina’s space by creating a storage solution that is both esthetic and that can hold all her clothes. This wardrobe solution consists of shelves, a dresser and some rails to hang her blouses, dresses, jackets and much more. 

When we asked Sabina why she chose RackBuddy she answered “I love being able to create the perfect solution for me and my needs”. Every detail counts and nothing is left to chance with this custom wardrobe. The light pine shelves are perfect to store all her jeans, sweaters, and cardigans not to mention all her accessories. Even the space between the dresser and the shelves is optimized and is used for her watches and jewelry. With this open wardrobe, Sabina will be able to access her clothes easily which is a time-saver, especially in the morning!

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Head to Sabina's Instagram account @sabinasocol and get inspired by her outfits and interior. Follow her if you haven't already!