Hangin' with RackBuddy - Make it yours

From an idea developed in a garage to an international company with a Design Lab in Frederiksberg, in only 7 years. The growth and success of RackBuddy has increased rapidly and despite reaching a lot of milestones, the owners still have plenty of goals for their company. But who are the two gentlemen behind RackBuddy, that managed to turn waterpipes into urban and trendy walk-ins and wardrobe solutions? And what is the reason behind the success?

Childhood friends from Esbjerg

Martin and Lasse have known each other most of their lives and believe that the reason they can both be friends and run a business together is their ability to let each others ideas unfold and run with it. The idea behind RackBuddy occurred back in 2013 when Martin needed a wardrobe for his new home. He couldn’t find anything that lived up to his expectations so he decided to create his own with his friend Lasse. The goal was to create something stable with a clean design and a unique look, and that was how the first Rackbuddy came to life. Word spread and the idea quickly became popular among the friend group, and within a short period of time they had sold the first ten Rackbuddy clothes racks. RackBuddy quickly proved to be a financially viable idea and Martin and Lasse created the company while working their full-time jobs on the side. In 2015 they decided to quit their jobs and go full-time on the RackBuddy project.

Make it yours

Around RackBuddy, Lasse and Martin have build a universe they call Make it yours. The universe is the essence of Rackbuddy’s DNA – The possibility to make RackBuddy your own. If you ask Lasse and Martin there is no doubt as to why RackBuddy became such a success.

 “In reality, RackBuddy is build on a very simple idea, namely the possibility to customize and tailor your own wardrobe or storage solution. We have stuck to that idea the whole way through, and with Make it yours,we are able to unfold this vision even more. Unlike so many other solutions Rackbuddy does not appeal to one specific style or type. The raw, urban look can be adjusted depending on the person’s style. It can be made feminine and get a light expression by adding a few accessories”, says Martin.

 “RackBuddy’s strength is that it does not only serve one specific purpose. It can be used in the kitchen, living room, Kids’ room and for your wardrobe. You can opt for traditional models or be creative and design your own – With RackBuddy it is only your imagination that sets the limits. The make it yours universe also means that our customers are able to inspire each other by showing their solutions, so others can take the creative ideas and adapt them to their own style. And that’s really one of the things we enjoy the most. We love when people share their products on Instagram and show how they have made their RackBuddy into their own style. That’s why our new website is much more focused on interior inspiration.”, Adds Lasse. 

3 quick questions for Martin and Lasse

 Which RackBuddy solutions do you have in your own homes?

Lasse: I have used RackBuddy both creatively and functionally by building a wall for shoes and a wall with room for plants and decorations.

Martin: I have created a small walk-in closet for my bedroom. I have used modules from the walk-in collection, but because of the height of the room I have customized it.

 Can you reveal some of the exciting things coming up?

Lasse: We are super excited to launch a new series of shelving systems very soon

Martin: We are also launching dressers and drawers that can be mounted on to the existing RackBuddy solutions, so our current customers can expand and add on to their products.

What is the next big ambition?

Martin and Lasse: Our next ambition is to enter three new online markets. We are also working on expanding our staff so we are able to keep up with the workload.