The Allrounder - 5 Shades of RackBuddy Joey

Our RackBuddy Joey clothes rail is offering you many different possibilities. Joey doesn't only have a cool design, it is also very functional and flexible in its use. The clothes rail doesn't use a lot of space, as it is attached to the wall or the ceiling, which creates a feeling of space. Together with its cool, industrial look, Joey is just the perfect clothes rail! 

In order to prove Joey's versatility, we are now showing you 5 exciting ways to integrate Joey into your home. 

General information about Joey: 

RackBuddy Joey is available in many different lengths and widths - you can, therefore, find exactly the size that fits for you. Additionally, Joey is very stable, as it is mounted to the wall with 4 screws at each side. 


As soon as you know where you your Joey is supposed to hang, you have to find out what kind of material the wall/ceiling is made of. This is important because you have to find the screws and plugs matching the material. If you are in doubt about which ones to buy, you local hardware store should be able to help.  

You should use a drilling machine, plugs, screws and a pipe wrench for attaching Joey to the wall. 


A clothes rail that is attached to the wall is ideal for smaller bedrooms or wardrobes, where you want to save floor space for other things. With a Joey, the clothes will hang very accessible at the wall and take very little space. This can also be a good solution for stores and boutiques.

You could also place two Joeys on top of each other - this way, you can make optimal use of the space you have. It is a solution especially suitable to couples, as they each get their own rail. Never again will there be a discussion about how much space each can use!

The clothes rail's depth to the wall is 30cm and it is best used for mounting on wooden or stone walls. 


If you attach Joey to the ceiling, the clothes rail is instantly becoming an eye-catcher in your apartment - that's exactly how you imagine industrial living design in a New Yorker loft apartment. Your wardrobe is no longer a boring clothes rack standing in a messy corner, but an exciting element of your interior. 

You can choose between many different lengths which makes it even easier for you to fit it to your needs. For example, choose a shorter length if you want to hang long dresses that are not supposed to touch the floor. You could also attach lamps to your clothes rail in order to integrate it into the interior even more. 

It is also possible to not attach Joey to the ceiling but to the floor. 


3 - Create your personal lightning solution!

Here you also attach your Joey rail to the ceiling - you just don't use it for clothes but for lamps or light bulbs. Joey is now becoming a true element of your interior. Together with lamps, e.g. purist light bulbs, you can set a unique statement. It is important for the lamp to have a long cable so that you are able to decorate it exactly in the way you wish. In this way, Joey is giving your room an industrial look, without dominating the room too much.   

Together with your lamps you can also hang up other things like for example plants, kitchenware and more. During Christmas time, a light chain could add a cozy touch. 


4 - Make space for your shoes!


Here at RackBuddy, we love shoes - so much, that we also want to store them in a cool way at home! Who doesn't know the problem: the shoes are lying around on the floor and make the apartment appear untidy. With our RackBuddy Jolene, you can organise and present your favourites in a modern way - no matter if it's sneakers, boots or high heels. The shoes can hang on the rack or stand on it, depending on what you like the most. This solution is saving space, which makes it ideal for walk-in closets.


5 - Organise your accessories!


Are you missing space for your bags and accessories? Then RackBuddy Jolene in combination with some nice clothes hooks could be a stylish solution for you. With a depth of 5,5cm, Jolene is perfect for storing your bags, necklaces, ties and more.

In case you have kids, you surely know the problem that their backpacks are always lying in the way. Solve this problem by placing one hook for each child's backpack on a Joey rail. 

Further, you could place Jolene in the kitchen, in order to hang up towels or pots and other kitchen accessories. 

Those 5 options are obviously only supposed to inspire you. How exactly you are using them is completely up to you. As a summary we can only say one thing: Joey is an elegant, smart and functional clothing rail that makes your life easier - and more stylish!