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Length 12,5cm


Frame Johnny

Brackets for shelves
Serie The Frame
ColorMatte white
Amount2 pieces

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SKU: RB-20-1124-005
Length €59
12,5cm Variant combination available
27,5cm Variant combination available
Color €59
Matte white Variant combination available
Matte black Variant combination available
Amount €59
2 pieces Variant combination available
3 pieces Variant combination available


In a world of cheap plastic and imitation wood, we believe in the power of real materials. Our shelf supports are made of square pipes, which means they're super sturdy—and they also look great in any space.

We've designed our product to be simple and minimalistic, but timeless at the same time. Your shelf will never go out of style with these shelf supports, because it's built on a design that has been used for centuries.

Our shelf supports are available in 2 different depths, in either a matte black or matte white:

  • Your shelf depth 15-27cm: use 12,5 cm brackets
  • Your shelf depth 28-40cm: use 27,5cm brackets

We also recommend:

  • Shelf length up to 120cm: use 2 brackets 
  • Shelf length over 120cm: use 3 brackets

The shelf supports' wall mount is 10 cm.

The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your supporters will hold up your shelves carrying books or plants. That's why we've equipped all of our shelf supports with universal screws and plugs that make installation a breeze.

square iron pipes, 2,5cmx2,5cm. The pipes receive a black or white powder
coating with lightly structured surface for a matt finish.

The pipes are rust free.

capacity: The holders can carry up to 100kg. BE AWARE that the load capacity is
highly dependent on the load capacity of your wall.

Screws & universal plugs are included. We recommend using plugs
specifically for your type of wall to ensure stability.

tools for assembly: Power drill is needed to attach rack to wall. The plugs are
a size 8. The screws are 4,5mm torx screws.

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