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Width 50cm


Frame walk-In 1 row wardrobe system with dresser

(2 shelves + 1 dresser)
Serie Frame walk-In 1 row wardrobe system with dresser - (2 shelves + 1 dresser)
Wood typeClassic oak

In the field above, you have to define a size in centimeters.

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SKU: RB-20-1136-001
Width €965
50cm Variant combination available
80cm Variant combination available
Wood type €965
Classic oak Variant combination available
Smoked oak Variant combination available


This rack is perfect for you, who needs more storage and to better organize your closet. With this elegant and simple solution for your walk-in closet, you can both show your favorites shoes, bags and accessories, while also being able to put away the items that are better of stored in the dresser.

The wooden drawers come with a soft-close function, which add to the elegance of the furniture. They are available in classic or smoked oak veneer.

The wood and Frame iron unites in Nordic references to nature with a minimalistic touch. 

This solution is easy to combine with other solutions from The Frame Walk-In Collection in order to add more shelf space or rails on different levels, so you can create a full walk-in experience.

The dresser is available in smoked oak or classic oak veneer.

The elements in wood are FSC certified, which assures us that the wood comes from forests where no more wood is taken than the forests can reproduce and the people who work in the forest are trained, receive proper safety equipment and pay. In addition, the certification provides the assurance that animal and plant life will be protected.

Universal plugs and screws are included and come in the color complimenting your rack.

square iron pipes, 2,5cmx2,5cm. The pipes receive a powder coating with lightly
structured surface for a matt finish.

The pipes are rust free.

veneer oak (classic and smoked), FSC certified and produced in Denmark

capacity: The pipes can carry up to 100kg. The dressers can carry up to 40kg.
Screws & universal plugs are included. We recommend using plugs
specifically for your type of wall to ensure stability.

The rack
does not need to be drilled into floor.

tools for assembly: Power drill is needed to attach rack to wall. The plugs are
a size 8. The screws are 4,5mm torx screws. The dresser uses cross screws. A
second pair of hands can help.

The clothes rails, shelves, and dresser are height adjustable.

Height: 195cm
Width: See text below**
Total depth of rack incl. dresser: 42cm
Dimensions of shelf: depth 30 cm / width see below**.
Dresser: Height 40cm/ Depth 40cm/ Width see below**.

**The width depends on the chosen version. Please note that the width you choose refers to the width of the elements in this row and not the external width. You have to add 3,5cm pr. vertical support, to get the total width.

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