How do I mount together my RackBuddy?

We have made a little guide to help you mount your RackBuddy racks, hooks and so on.

We use the same mounting brackets on all of our racks, so the procedure is the same regardless of which rack you are mounting.

When you have figured out where you want to mount your RackBuddy, the first thing you should determine is what material the wall or ceiling is made out of. There are many different kinds of screws for the task, depending on whether you are mount it onto brick, concrete, wood or plaster and according to what size rack you are mounting. We recommend mounting on brick, concrete or wood.

If you are mounting your rack on brick or concrete, you will need an electric screwdriver, a masonry drill bit, wall plugs and mounting screws HERE

Start by marking the holes where you need to drill and use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust that builds up when you drill the holes. Then insert wall plugs in all the holes and hold the rack up onto the wall. It is a good idea to get help holding it up. Finally, insert screws into all the holes and tighten them well.

 If you are mounting on wood, the screws are mounted directly into the wall.