RackBuddy Elements

RackBuddy Elements

Shelf for 3 bars

SKU: RB-09-0001-01

Color Dark Pine
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For the RackBuddy Elements Collection, we created a shelf that is extra wide and fits across the width of 3 bars. Additionally to the space for storage or decoration on the wooden shelf, this element also comes with a rail on which you can hang your shirts, dresses and more. 

The wooden shelf can be combined with all rails of the Elements series and is freely movable. In other words, you can move the wooden shelf to any height.

The shelf can be ordered in 3 different colors: dark pine, light pine and oak.

The shelf can only be used in conjunction with the Elements series. You will need to install at least 3 bars in order to use it.

The wooden shelf measures 130 cm in width and 30 cm in depth.

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