WoodUpp wood panelling - Antique brown oak

Take the nature inside your home, restaurant or store by refacing one or more of your walls with wood. The elaborate wood panels by the Danish brand WoodUpp offer you a simple way to create a rustic, welcoming ambiance.

The wood panels in the color Antique brown oak have a warm tone that inspires a cozy and comfortable atmosphere and adds that extra bit of charm to your room.

The panels are sent in packs that can cover 1sqm of surface. In case you want to decorate a wall that has a special corner or includes a door or window frame, you can simply saw the panels to the exact size you need.

Product details:

Antique brown oak is made out of real oak wood.

Every panel measures 800x145x3mm.

The panels can be mounted directly on walls with smooth surfaces.

The price does not include agglutinant and caulking gun.

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Delivery time: 5-7 working days