Bring New York into your shop by using waterpipes!

In Esbjerg, the fifth biggest city in Denmark, and actually also the hometown of the two founders of RackBuddy, Lasse and Martin, you'll find one of the coolest and most edgy barbershops. 

The name of the barbershop is Klippesmeden, which recently was renovated. RackBuddy has been in charge of customizing most of the interior with focus on making it as cool, edgy and industrial as possible while at the same keeping focus on high quality and functionality. ith a touch of New Yorkerand also bringing a New-York vibe into the shop! 

Customized shelves
Klippesmeden har been furnished with several  Customized racks from RackBuddy made of waterpibes and shelves in pine as well as oak, where the shop has choosen to ra RackBuddy i 
rå vandrør og træhylder, hvor salonen har sit udvalg af forskellige hårdprodukter udstillet. Klippesmeden har produkterne stående i farveorden, hvilket giver et indbydende og overskueligt indtryk af produkterne.

Klippesmeden - Rackbuddy customized rack

Klippesmeden - Rackbuddy dyi shelf

Practical shelves in pine & oak
Underneath the mirrors Klippesmeden has choosen  RackBuddy John shelves in dark på pine and black beslag i vandrør, so the customer easily can put his/her coffee or have his/her phone or a stack of magazines placed in front of her/him. Moreover you'll find several RackBuddy wooden shelves with silver support
 to place the hairproducts. 

Klippesmeden - Rackbuddy John shelf

Klippesmeden - RackBuddy John shelf

Klippesmeden - Rackbuddy Shelf

Racks mounted to the ceiling
In the ceilings you'll find several RackBuddy Joey stativer mounted that have been styles with lightning bulbs hanging, but also plants in nice are hanging from the racks. This brings an atmosphere of 'hygge'. 

Klippesmeden - RackBuddy Joey ceiling

Klippesmeden - RackBuddy Joey ceiling

Bæredygtig disk
The cool disk er beklædt med bæredygtige træpaneller fra WoodUpp, som passer perfekt ind til salonens øvrige gennemførte stil with walls of New York loft bricks and a ceiling made of old wooden planker. 

Klippesmeden - RackBuddy & WoodUpp

Glasvæg som rumdeler
In order to divide the saloon in two departments - one for cutting, colouring and barbering - and one for washing hair - the saloon har choosen a very cool and stylish door of glass from GlassMate. Not only does the wall of glass contributes to a very cool and industrial look - the wall of glass also forener også de to rum på smukkeste vis. Finally the wall of glass is a good way to divide two rooms while keeping the light in. 

Klippesmeden - RackBuddy & GlassMate

In other words when you enter Klippesmeden you'll find a totally cool and different barbershop in a true New York-style!

If you happen to be in Esbjerg and need a new haircut, you should definetely go visit Klippesmeden

Tarp Byvej 56
6715 Esbjerg