Marathon Sport

With clothing racks made of waterpipes you can easily and quickly differentiate your shop from your competitors!

Marathon Sport is the name of a Danish running chain-store known for basically having everything you need for running!  At the two stores, situated in respectively Østerbro and Vesterbro in Copenhagen, you will not only find everything you need for living out your passion for running, you will also find two very cool stores furnished with a lot of clothing racks and shelves fom RackBuddy.

Jacob Ibing, the owner of the two stores, wanted to build two cool stores with interior that differentiated themselves from how sport stores normally are furnished. In other words, he wanted to go in a completely new direction. 

In order to find some functional and solid interior that at the same time should be cool and different, he came across RackBuddy. Having RackBuddy in mind, he started to measure the stores and and designed them so they could be equipped with clothing racks and shelves from RackBuddy.

Jacob Ibing decided to buy our RackBuddy Joey for the walls. They don't require that much space and at the same time, they leave room for plenty space on the floor. Moreover, he decided to furnish the shops with Rackbuddy John shelves, which are recommendable for showcasing shoes, bags and caps. Finally he furnished the stores with a bunch of our  RackBuddy Pin rails.They litterally don't take up any space.  

The two sport stores have been furnished with our products in our standard measurements. That means, it hasn't been neccesary to customize anything for the stores at all. On the contrary, Jacob Ibing easily ordered the products directly from our webshop and got them delivered within a week. 

In case you're considering furnishing a shop or a showroom as quickly and easy as possible, take a look at our webshop and get inspired by all our products. 

Take a look at the pictures below and see how the stores turned out, and if you happen to be in Copenhagen, do yourself a favour and check the stores out. They are located right next to the lakes:

Marathon Sport Østerbro
Østerbrogade 19
2100 København Ø

Marathon Sport Vesterbro
Åboulevard 1
1635 København V

Shelves and racks - Marathon Sport & RackbuddyClothing rack -  Rackbuddyshop - Marathon Sport & RackBuddyShelves and waterpipes - RackBuddy