Frankie's Pizza

RackBuddy project - Frankie's Pizza

We are getting ready for Black Friday by celebrating Pink Friday today!

We visited Frankie's Pizza at Frederiksberg and made a great solution that combines Frankie's pink universe with our industrial design. We've been excited to show you the result!



Frankie's Pizza is Madklubben's pizza pusher. They have spent a long time finding the recipe for the perfect crust, finding the right ingredients and the top tune the restaurant's concept. The concept consists of a screaming pink universe and RackBuddy has done some of the interior for the restaurant at Frederiksberg with solutions in an industrial design and light wooden shelves that fit the restaurant's other interior, primarily consisting of lots of pink and cozy lighting.

Whatever the occasion, Frankies Pizza aims to give visitors a pleasant experience in the restaurant. It doesn't matter if you visit the restaurant on a weekday or going out evenings.
Just as the flavors, crust and style are perfectly sharp, it is a requirement that the restaurant's expression in interior must also be a complete experience with raw, funky and colorful details. That's why we think our solutions fit perfectly with Frankie's concept.

We chose to base the solution on our latest collection, The Walk-In, adding wooden shelves in light pine as a contrast to the dark racks. The shelves provide the solution with many applications. Here it is chosen to showcase some of the merchandise you can buy in the restaurant.

We love the result ourselves and think RackBuddy is a perfect match for Frankie's Pizza.

Inspired by the restaurant's interior? 

RackBuddy // The Walk-In collection 2 row walk-in system

RackBuddy // John wooden shelf

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