Makeover: Two contrary B2B solutions with our RackBuddy Joey

In the following, we will show you two different B2B solutions with the same rack (RackBuddy Joey) one at the office at Kappa Bioscience and the other one at the concept store at Smilhus. This will indicate how our racks can create different interior solutions depending on how you style them and depending on the setting around the racks. Our racks allow displaying individual interior solutions!

Our Original Collection was featured in this project by VRAI interior architects at Kappa Bioscience AS.

Our black iron water pipes give the clothes racks both an unpolished and elegant look that can fit in as a surprising standalone element in an office or as one of the principal designs in a cool New York loft-style, where the design is inspired by the elements of industrial buildings.

On the green-colored wall at Kappa Bioscience, our Jolene rack fits just perfectly. This rack has a lot of different usage possibilities, not only for hanging up wardrobe but also to use it for kitchen utensils, shoes, bags, magazines, etc. It’s a stylish as well as practical solution to create more space. You can read more about the different usage solutions: find more inspiration here


On another wall, they have installed our RackBuddy Joey. The hanging rack solution gives the room a functional, space-saving identity. Joey provides an excellent overview and makes it easy to access.

The hooks are optimal for jackets, clothes, hangers, bags and other accessories. It’s an ideal solution for small and big entryways, wardrobe or walls. In the end, its the little details, that give the room a unique and personal interior solution. At Kappa Bioscience AS everything is kept in a nice and clean industrial design.

Another B2B solution is shown at smilhus a small concept store in Stuttgart/Germany.

smilhus - Customized RackBuddy Joey

The owner of smilhus, Smilla, has opened her store in march 2020 in order to gather everything she loves: coffee, clothes, and interior - all in Scandinavian design! For this reason, she likes to call her store "a place with lovely things" that creates the typical Danish "hygge" atmosphere. We love to be part of her interior solution and by this help "hygge" spread over to Stuttgart and create a cozy atmosphere.

smilhus-RackBuddy Joey-hygge interior solution

Smilla also used our RackBuddy Joey to hang up clothes. She further customized some Joeys, in order to integrate a shelf and to display some interior decorations on it. Our RackBuddy Joey is available in many different sizes, so it is also usable for rooms with high ceilings. Contrary to Kappa Bioscience, at smilhus our RackBuddy Joey is displayed in pastel-colorful surroundings that create the typical Scandinavian Look.

Due to the clean, minimalistic design of our racks, everybody can create their own individual solution with these racks - just like Kappa Bioscience and Smilla did.