It is essential that the company profile and identity is reflected in the interior design of the office space. This contributes to a comfortable work environment in credible and calm surroundings for both employees and customers. We got the chance to play a part in the remodeling of the Microsoft Technology Center, where we in close collaboration with interior designer Sarah Guldborg, were able to deliver the perfect solution that suited both style and atmosphere in the open office space.

 About the solution

At RackBuddy we are always inspired by our customer’s creative solutions and ways to incorporate our products in their creative interior projects. That’s why we offer custom solutions to ensure that the product fits exactly to your specific idea and project.

At Microsoft we created custom and well-integrated shelving systems for their lounge and meeting room in beautiful wood and industrial pipes.  

The office was decorated in light and grey tones combined with organic materials that contributes a lightness, which characterizes the Nordic Style interior. In order to utilize the space most efficiently we created large shelving systems throughout the walls in the lounge. The shelves were used as storage space for  merchandise, plants, books etc. and with extra space for their screens and monitors, which were either placed on the shelves or hung on the walls in the empty spaces we created in the shelving systems.

In the meeting room we created a large shelving system on the entire backwall decorated with books, vases and stylish plant boxes. The raw waterpipes and the warm colors of the wood created a dynamic contrast to the dark wall in the room. Our functional solutions have endless design possibilities and can be used in all types of rooms. Therefore RackBuddy can be extremely useful in office environments but also private homes.


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