STOC Koncept Store in Kolding

STOC Concept Store in Kolding

In Kolding Shopping Centre, which is also the region’s largest shopping centre – there is a newly opened menswear store called STOC. STOC is a new concept store that we are proud to present. Indeed, we have delivered everything from the design/look of the store, all of the assembly, the workmanship, the small but important details like décor and not least the lighting. In other words, our talented team created a very cool shop from start to finish. 

Jeppe Støckler, who is the owner of STOC and 4 other menswear stores and the online store contacted us and told us about his dreams and ambitions for the new concept. It was important to him that the store was completely different than the current ones, it had to be taken to the next level. He had many different thoughts and ideas as well as opinions about his new concept store STOC. A man who knows what he wants and will not compromise with second best. It was therefore also an exciting job to do for him.

We started by doing a thorough analysis of his current shop and of the location itself in the Centre – what worked and what did not work. The old store had many products from floor to ceiling. The new should also have this too, but with a more modern approach. We therefore worked to get all of the space’s elements to work together. That is to say, the choice of wall colour, the lighting of the ceiling, the floor surface, the store inventory and not least the storefront. The storefront is important when you are designing stores and especially in a centre where it is about differentiating yourself and creating visibility with the square metres you have available. We have been working closely together and we have been in dialogue with both him and our suppliers on a daily basis – to achieve the optimal solution.

With the new store, customers should immediately get a better sense of the entire store’s brand and image. The new store fixtures help to put the goods in focus and this creates a greater desire to buy, as the customer wants to be identified with the concept and the store’s visual expression. We have found cool industrial lamps, large lighted letters, old electoral and film boxes from southern Europe and we created custom-made store fixtures. In other words, we have created a unique universe – in close dialogue with the young Mr Støckler – whose dreams and expectations were high for the new store concept, STOC. But with good reason, as he has succeeded, with his current stores, in creating a good and solid business with many loyal customers who get exceptional customer service from his excellent staff in the stores.  

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