The Reception

Vesterbro's cozy new champagne bar at Dannebrogsgade 

Good news for all those champagne and wine lovers out there - there is a new place to be! At The Reception in Copenhagen's hip quarter Vesterbro, you can find everything from Cava to Crémant, as well as a nice assortment of wine and tapas. The two owners have a big passion for everything bubbly and therefore wanted to create a down-to-earth space where everybody can share their passion with them at affordable prices. 

A hang-out place for everybody

We had the pleasure to create the champagne bar's interior. It was not supposed to be a stiff, fancy champagne bar like some of those who already exist in Denmark's capital. Instead, the goal was to create a welcoming, laid-back space where all different kinds of people would want to spend some time. 

What makes the wine bars interior so interesting are the different materials, colours and textures that have been used, especially for the walls. Part of the bar's charm is the raw brick walls that divide the space. Through the small window in the brick wall, customers can get a little sneak peek in the next room.

Fluffy pillows and daybeds welcome everybody to sit down, relax and enjoy some delicious bubbles. The daybeds are designed and made by ourselves - of course in our classic RackBuddy look. 

What you see is what you get

The bar is covered by a brass surface and wooden planks to the outside. Inside the bar, the walls are covered in white metro tiles that really make it stick out - it is the only spot in the whole location where light colours have been used. The bartender's realm is full of smart storage solutions, like custom made RackBuddy shelving systems made of water pipes and light pinewood. 


Sparkly lighting for sparkly drinks 

As The Reception is located in a high basement, the right lighting was really important. The idea was to create a very interesting lighting solution, that gives the location just the right degree of light while it is also cool to look at. Here is what we came up with: lots of different LED lightbulbs that are hanging from custom-made RackBuddy rails. We are in love with the outcome!

Vesterbro's new champagne bar is located at Dannebrogsgade 8 and is open for everybody from Thursday to Saturday. Come by and check it out!