Customized bar interior at Donda restaurant at Christianshavn

About the restaurant

The Donda restaurant at Christianshavn in Copenhagen turns from a café in the afternoon, that serves lunch with a Latin American twist, into a latin American fish bar that serves fresh fish, seafood and vegetables in the evening hours. They make great drinks and cocktails as well in the evening hours.

The dishes are shareable, giving you the opportunity to enjoy and experience the menu, which is why the interior needs to express some warmth and a relaxed atmosphere.

About the solution

We did a customized solution for Donda's bar, which combined our black waterpipes with warm lighting and Latin American details of the bar. The pipes adds a scandinavian, industrial touch to the interior, which adds to the unique experience and atmosphere for the visitors. The pipes and colour scheme give the bar a mid-century modern feel and makes it feel current and modern, yet a bit nostalgic. The style is welcoming to visitors, and you would feel right at home with Donda’s interior.


The bar creates a nice contrast to the restaurant's other interior and the warmer colour scheme compliments the light glass. The RackBuddy solutions fits perfectly to the style of Donda and we think this solution shows of the style and atmosphere of Donda. We hope you like the result just as much as we do!


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