Hangin' With Anthon Louis

Hangin' with..... ANTHON LOUIS

The biggest inspiration for us has always been our customers. We really enjoy seeing how you use your RackBuddies. A good dialogue between us and you is a core value of our business.

One thing that has really been interesting for us, is to see and get to know all kinds of people who use our products at home. We have customers from all age groups and professions that all have different stories to tell. Everybody is using their RackBuddies in a different way.

We therefore decided to introduce some os our customer’s stories to you and create a series of short movies that give you an insight on different interesting personalities that use our products in their daily lives.

So let us introduce ANTHON LOUIS.

Anthon Louis x RackBuddy

Anthon is a Danish entrepreneur and well known in the Copenhagen nightlife business, as he’s one of the owners of the exclusive nightclub ARCH - one of the top destinations for clubbing in Copenhagen. Before starting this venture, he has been involved in several other nightlife projects in and around the Danish capital.

Further, Anton has always had a big passion for clothes and recently started his own T-Shirt brand BARE EN T-SHIRT (English: just a t-shirt), where he created black and white T-Shirts with the perfect fit.

We started our day with him at his home in the hip Nørrebro neighbourhood where he lives together with his wife.

RackBuddy john shelves in dark pine - living room interior

Livingroom - RackBuddy John 

The walls and floors of the apartment in an old Copenhagen building are kept in white, which gives it a bright, classic Scandinavian vibe. In his living room, Anton chose furniture in neutral shades such as grey and black, but is setting colourful contrasts with two oversized photographies on the wall.

Our John shelves in dark pine wood match his furniture perfectly and are a great spot for Anton’s vinyl collection. Books and deco objects are adding a personal touch to the dining area.

Living-room decoration - shelves in an industrial design from RackBuddy


Bedroom - RackBuddy DIY wardrobe solution 

The custom-made RackBuddy wardrobe takes the centre stage in his bedroom. The rack has plenty of rail space in order to fit all of Anton’s sweaters and t-shirts, as weak as shelves for smaller clothing items and shoes.

DIY wardrobe solution from RackBuddy
clothes rack system made from iron water pipes


Check out the video above and get to know Anton a little bit better…

We would love to see how you style your RackBuddy! Show us via Instagram and tag your picture with #myrackbuddy, as we are always happy to be inspired by our customers. You will also have the chance to win back the money from your RackBuddy, as every month, we will choose a winner among all participants.