Hangin' With inspiring Danish artist Martin Brachér

Hangin' with..... Martin Brachér

Recently, we started to create a series of short clips introducing some inspiring personalities who are working with our using RackBuddy. Find all #RackBuddyHanginWith videos here.

The next inspiring personality we want to introduce to you is the Danish artist Martin Brachér. His colourful paintings that are supposed to “make people dream” are decorating homes all over Denmark - and he doesn’t want to stop there. Check out the video below to get to know Brachér. 



Martin Brachér used to be employed in the Danish military and started to paint to relax and rewind, when his troop was preparing for a mission to Mali. The mission was cancelled, which he took as a sign that it was time for him to go different ways: he chose to become an artist.

Martin Brachér - Danish artist

Get your own unique Brachér artpiece

Our clothes racks are made to contribute to a personal and unique decoration of your apartment - just as much as beautiful art. So why not combine the two? A few of Martins paintings have already been hanging in our showroom in Frederiksberg, as well as at our neighbour Café Gæst. As we love the combination between our industrial and minimalist designs with Martin’s colourful artworks, we thought it could be cool to let him paint one of our racks.

Giveaway - win a unique RackBuddy x Martin Brachér clothes rack

Martin painted the bottom for one of our Frame Collection models. And the best part about it is: you get the chance to win this unique piece of furniture. Participate in our giveaway challenge here.

If you are just looking for a stunning piece of art, check out Martin Brachérs website. You can find original paintings as well as prints, who will definitely give a touch of color to your home.

Unique clothes rack painted by Danish artist Martin Brachér

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