Rackbuddy X Mads Langer interview - Stretch your space

In our eyes, the collaboration between us and Mads Langer was a perfect match. Not that we know a single thing about writing hit songs or being as cool, calm and collected as Mads is as a human and a musician, but because we resonate with the way Mads works. We’ve always aimed to go way beyond the norms of normal storage solutions. Mads has always aimed to way beyond the norms of normal music production. We’ve always wanted to challenge the conventions and so has Mads with his music. That created a perfect synergy in the collaboration and Mads Langers work ethic is a perfect example of how you “Stretch your Standards” – a concept of doing the most with what you work with. It’s sort of our motto, that defines how we work and who we are as a company. 

We were so lucky to get to interview Mads Langer about his career and how he works as a musician. You’ll find the interview below.  



We see it – we fix it. 

We have five principles that guides our company and the way we do things. First of all, we have a simple approach to any complex storage challenge: We see it – we fix it. 

In the case of Mads Langer and Julie Lillelunds home, the challenge was turning an impossible loft room with sloping walls and wooden beams into a unique walk-in. For us, this was the perfect imperfect room as it was a space where no normal closet would ever fit and thereby a perfect opportunity for us to show that we can conquer even the most unideal room and turn it into a functional, beautiful wardrobe with lots of space for clothes and accessories. 

Rackbuddy Wardrobe make-over at Mads Langer

Our solutions don’t take space – they give you space. 

In turning the loft into a walk-in we used every single opportunity the room had for storage solutions. We mounted pins on the beams for hats and caps, and clothes racks on all the sloping walls to make sure every corner of the room had a function. Standard modules would have taken up the space and made the room seem smaller, but our solutions utilized what the room had to offer and expanded the space. In doing so, Mads and Julie got a wardrobe where no piece of clothes is hidden and with lots of space to walk around in the whole room.

Jeans rack from rackbuddy at mads langer Shoeshelf at Mads Langer from rackbuddy


We work with a few components that expand into endless possibilities.

Even though we work with a few basic components they expand into endless possibilities. Our iron pipes have that robustness that only iron offers and it makes for a cool, industrial look in your wardrobe. You’ll feel the quality and the robustness when you are holding a Rackbuddy iron pipe in your hands. We wanted an honest material, not something that pretends to be something it’s not. 

Choosing these few components - such as iron pipes and wood - allows us to custom-fit any space. No matter how irregular it is. Our solutions are always the perfect match for imperfect rooms and we think the most profound beauty is found in the simplest solutions.

Clothesrail for dresses at mads langer
Hook for hats in mads langer wardrobe

Our solutions last a lifetime but can always be de-constructed and re-constructed.

The thing about iron is that it can be – and often is - reused. Over and over again. It’s simply the most recycled material in the world. So you don’t have to feel bad about investing in an iron pipe solution for your wardrobe. Our pipes can easily be dismantled if you’re moving and placed in your new home instead. It’s a material that lasts a lifetime - whether you want to keep them yourself or pass them on to the next generation, you can! 

Egetræshyld til accesories hos mads langer og julie lillelundKrog til tasker hos mads langer og julie lillelund

We rethink the functionality of sturdy materials and turn them into light and stylish solutions.

Even though our iron pipes have an industrial and raw look to them they still adds a lightness to a room. When adding a normal cabinet or dresser to a walk-in wardrobe it can, in some cases, make the space seem heavier, crowded, and stuffed. When creating the walk-in for Mads and Julie it was important for us to give the room a light, airy feeling as the space already had sloping walls making it seem less spacious. Our clothes racks gives air, space and personality to the room by lifting the clothes above the ground, showcasing each piece of garment whilst still having them in easy reach. 

Skræddersyet spejl til garderobe hos mads langerTøjstativ i vandrør i skunk i walk in

All in all…

It was a pleasure creating the loft walk-in for Mads and Julie and to work with an artist that embraces everything we see defines the concept of “stretching your standards”. Luckily, they love their new wardrobe as much as we loved creating it!  

Mads Langer with his guitar in his new RackbBuddy wardrobe