Remee Jackman x RackBuddy - Copenhagen apartment edition

A new project

We previously have had so much fun collaborating with Remee Jackman. So, when the Danish songwriter, producer and TV host had a new project for us we were excited, to say the least, to take on the challenge of creating a storage solution for a unique space... 

Remee Jackman's bedroom with tilted ceiling requires a unique solution

Remee Jackson's bedroom with a modular wardrobe. 

He recently moved in to an old apartment in Copenhagen, and with its charm comes implications. It is simply not made to fit modern modular solutions. On the contrary, the storage needs to be made to fit the space.

This is where RackBuddy steps in. 

Together with Remee, we designed a wardrobe for his bedroom. It is the third time we're collaborating. Therefore, we were able to re-use some of the components from one of the old solutions and integrate them in the new one. Remee describes RackBuddy as a provider of functional, creative and affordable customized solutions. You can check out our Walk-in Collection here

Sturdy, functional and super flexible custom solution from RackBuddy

Sturdy, functional and super flexible custom solution.

A new look

Our previous collaborations have resulted in darker and more masculine designed solution. This time, he wanted to create something new and different. The result was a matte beige version of a customized walk-in solution with different sections to fit his entire wardrobe.

Custom walk-in solution in iron beige with hangersWalk-in wardrobe in beige with hanging space, oak dressers and shelves

Hanging space, dressers, shelves – this wardrobe has it all!

A solution that just works

When working with Remee, he invited us to his office space WAO. We were curious to learn more about the name. He told us that it is based on the sensation of a WAO-moment or We Are One-moment. A moment when it all makes sense. You realize that everything is a part of something bigger and that all is connected. He continued to describe that this phenomenon can occur when you hear a new song, experience a performance, or in this case: the wardrobe seamlessly becomes a part of the room. You enter the room and just say wow - this is the way it is supposed to be!

Remee Jackman revealing his wardrobe in his bedroomRemee Jackman happy with the custom solution from RackBuddy


Stretch your space

Remee Jackman has a question that he thinks applies to most things: how can we maximize this? How can we get the most out of the life that we live? How can we make more awesome music? How can we come up with the best new ideas? How can we create solutions that makes total sense? By customizing his wardrobe, in a way that box-standard solutions cannot, we were able to stretch Remee’s space to its maximal potential.

Remee Jackman designing a custom wardrobe together with RackBuddy

Planning and creating...

 Remee Jackman's walk-in wardrobe from RackBuddy that streches his space

The final result!

Interested in knowing more about the process when creating this custom solution together with Remee Jackman and view the result in other angles? Watch the video below.

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