Virgil Nicholas - Custom made walk in closet

For a long time, we have been working on a very exciting collaboration, which for good reason could not be revealed before we were done. It all started with an interesting call, which ended with a complete wardrobe makeover and a fantastic surprise.

You might already know him, the super cool fashion blogger and fashion stylist Virgil Nicholas. He is the man behind the blog and founder of the fashion and lifestyle blog Superbial. He is also the owner of the styling and consulting firm Courtesy de V. He was formerly the founder and creative director of the fashion label Les Deux. An exciting and very accomplished man with many talents.

Virgil gave us a call earlier this year when he wanted to do something extra for his girlfriend. She had a burning desire to upgrade their old wardrobe solution for a personal walk-in closet. We thought the job sounded like a really exciting challenge, so we immediately began to brainstorm and design a solution based on Virgil’s wants and needs. Virgil had planned the reveal as a surprise which was going to happen on his birthday, when a dinner was scheduled for close friends and family.

With a strong team behind us, a small storage room was transformed into a personal wardrobe in just four hours – with room for everything a walk-in closet should have. The space was furnished with shelves for shoes and jewellery as well as clothes rails on several levels for both shirts and dresses. As an added feature, we implemented one of our newest products – a variety of light solutions - so that the room also had the right lighting. We are very happy with the result and our designer ensured that it was ‘love at first sight, for both Virgil and his girlfriend’.

’I have thought about designing a personal walk-in for my girlfriend that was both cool and personal for a long time. Then one day I came across RackBuddy and read that they specialised in designing unique and personalised solutions, I thought – hell yes, I am going to do it! I have of course seen the draft design before RackBuddy began the work, but I never imagined anything like this, so for me it was also almost a surprise' , sais a grinning Virgil. 

’The first thing we saw when we came home to the apartment is a large bow on the door to the old storage room. My girlfriend had no idea what to say -– probably a little girl’s dream to be surprised in the best Cinderella style. When the door to the closet then opened – wow, it is crazy what can happen in four hours. Not only do I love the raw look and personal solution myself, but I think it is the best gift my girlfriend has ever got, including myself’, concludes Virgil.


We are pleased to once again be a part of creating a personal wardrobe and delight our customers. If you would like a unique walk-in closet or another wardrobe solution, please send us an email. Then we will make a personalised design based on your wishes and needs. It does not cost anything to get a visit from our talented and experienced designer/interior design stylist.

In addition to walk-in closets and wardrobes for private customers, we can also help you with design solutions for everything from shops to cafes/restaurants. We have professional designer and craftsmen on staff – so no job is too big for us, your imagination is the only limit.  

Everything we do is custom made and uniquely tailored to the customer. The shelves are handmade by our professional cabinetmaker and the pipes are cut to precise measurements. A walk-in solution similar to the one we made for Virgil is priced between 20,000-25,000 including all materials, design & installation.



Here are the BEFORE pictures: