Copenhagen Apartment

Create your personal walk-in closet and an interior style bathroom with shelves made from waterpipes!

Thanks to our friends who have such wonderful apartments located in Copenhagen, we were able to see for ourselves how the interior with RackBuddy turned out!

This modern newly built Copenhagen apartment is the perfect surrounding for our industrial style clothes racks and shelves! As you can see below, the shelves are versatile and can be used in the dressing room, but also the bathroom. 

Furthermore, to hang bags and accessories, we have used our clothes rail made from waterpipes RackBuddy Pin with hooks in S-shape.

Also, for coats and clothes, our friends decided to use our standard RackBuddy Joey to hang in their walk-in closet.

But see for yourself below!

Shelves made from black waterpipes and dark wood – RackBuddy

Custom nightstand made from waterpipe and wood – RackBuddy

Shelves made from waterpipes and wood for bathroom – RackBuddy

Clothes rack made from waterpipes in black – RackBuddy